LOLITE GRP and Fiberglass Roofing

Installer and Supplier of LOLITE GRP Solid Panels ‘fiberglass’ Roof in the Philippines

18015896_205018490000164_1556993622_o LOLITE Solid Sheets

  • LOLITE GRP Solid Panels
    • LOLITE GRP is a UV protected solid glass fiber reinforced roofing panel.
    • LOLITE Ivory White shade less heat transmission than most skylight profiles in the market today.
  • Imported Fiberglass materials; locally manufactured. Exclusive.

Rockwell Lolite Custom Color 4 Lapuz LOLITE 1
Nlite is a fiberglass supplier in Manila Philippines. We also do fiberglass roofing installation anywhere in the Philippines. If you are looking for fiberglass supplier and fiberglass installer in the Philippines, you can contact Nlite for all your fiberglass roofing requirements.

Lapuz LOLITE 4